Immaginazione e soggettività: per un confronto tra Novalis e Hegel

Giovanni Andreozzi


In this article – named Imagination and subjectivity: for a comparison between Novalis and Hegel – I compare the conception of imagination by Novalis and Hegel, in relation to the constitution of the subjectivity. The first paragraph focuses on the role that Novalis confers to imagination in the process of romantisieren. Through the imagination the subject (as artist) can see the relationality which involves all reality, coming to the total transfiguration of the world. The second paragraph concerns Hegel’s analyse of imagination as moment of the process of subjectivation. The ideality (Idealität) arises in the imagination as fancy (Phantasie): it can be understood only moving away from the static quality of the identity on behalf of an subjectivity as complex and always renewing movement. In the conclusion, after a recap of convergences between Novalis’ erschaffende Einbildungskraft and Hegel’s Phantasie, I focus on Novalis’ and Hegel’s conceptions of subjectivity, starting with the different role that autors confer to imagination.

Keywords: Imagination, fancy, subjectivity, relation

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