«Lia disse: “Per fortuna!”. E lo chiamò Gad» (Gen 30,11). Fortuna e destino nella Bibbia tra storia e filologia

Gaetano Di Palma


The article is about the theme of fortune and of destiny in the biblical world. It takes the historical and religious, philological, literary and theological aspects into account. These aspects go through the age of the old and New Testament. Even if the Bible doesn’t give great importance to these themes, they were well known in the culture of the Jewish people, that had compared themselves to the religion and to the culture of their neighbours, and, since the Hellenistic period to the Greek and roman culture. From this research interesting particulars come to light, according to which the idea of fortune, destiny and fate are involved in the ceremonies of the temple of Jerusalem, in the ecclesiastical feast days and in the choice of Apostle, who stood in for Judas.

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